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GT: Hiroko by HawkeyedHSK GT: Hiroko by HawkeyedHSK
Name: Hiroko Hashimoto
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Nationality: Japanese
Year: Junior

Alias: Lisianthus
Element: Water
Weapon: Naginata (158cm)

Level: 1

STR: 8
SPD: 14
VIT: 16
DEF: 9
LCK: 6

Blind Slash (Regular Skill): Sends 5 rapid slashes at opponent, but usually only hits 2/5

Tornado Slash (Special Skill): Pole of naginata extends 6cm (164cm) and gives her a farther attack range, she then spins rapidly while slashing at opponent in succession. But will be unable to move for 5-7 turns after using this due to dizziness.

Quiet | Calm | Tolerant | Blunt | Egotistical | Insecure | Serious

Hiroko is a quiet and tolerant person who isn't one to speak much at all; but will listen to anything anyone has to say. Though quiet when confronted for anything she will answer in a painfully blunt manner no matter what the circumstance. She is the type of person that easily blends in the crowd because she isn't one that makes an impression and is completely content with that; given she is well aware her nature may turn people away from her.

On the inside she is a very insecure person, she keeps her distance because of this, always worried she isn't good enough or that people will joke about her; because of this she tries to believe she is above others and not the other way around. In the end though can barely even believe that anymore.

+blending in
+anything horror related
+sour candies
+attempting to help people
-being egotistic to cope
-her insecurities
-things being blown out of proportion
-food that's too sweet
-failing at anything
-loud people

Hiroko is the middle child of three, being the middle child she was always felt a bit left out in things; and never really had any outstanding traits compared to her brother and sister. Her sister out-shined her in everything and her brother became the center of attention soon after birth. Her parents weren't home much for they worked much of the day, her mother being a nurse and her father a banker. She and her older sister, Harumi, were expected to take care of their brother, Seiichi, while their parents were away, but Harumi soon took the reins of that job leaving Hiroko with nothing to do. Harumi always felt Hiroko had a problem with the way she acted and asked her on multiple occasions if she did something wrong; Hiroko being the way she is always denied it and said she was imagining things, their relationship only grew more distant from there.

Harumi soon left home to live on her own, leaving Hiroko to take over the chores left behind. She performed adequately in most of the chores and Keiichi liked her enough, so taking care of him was easy enough for a time. Keiichi entered elementary school not
too soon after and Hiroko was working on her final year of middle school.

Hiroko had a little above average grades in middle school, trying her hardest to live up to her parents expectations, but she could only do so much taking care of her brother and helping him with his school work. Her parents would praise her for her hard work but would compare her achievements to those of Harumi, which made her more insecure. She began believing that she wouldn't be good enough in her parents’ eyes until she had surpassed Harumi; Hiroko then began thinking of herself above all else as a coping mechanism.

She entered high school wanting to clear things up with her sister, to tell her why she had always acted the way she did; and
ultimately change herself for the better not having to fall back on egotism as a coping method.

:bulletblue:The wrap on her other self’s face is representing how she can’t speak up and yeah
:bulletblue:She always traded her brother her sweet candies for the sour ones
:bulletblue:Her people skills are terrible
pr-chi Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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